This platform offers real-time interaction, a personalized experience, and a comprehensive hub for sports enthusiasts.

Who we are

Foniso is a groundbreaking application designed to revolutionize the sports community and fostering dynamic connections between athletes and fans. This innovative platform empowers users, including athletes, professionals, and organizations, to create personalized accounts and communities, facilitating direct engagement with their devoted fan base. Fans, in turn, actively participate by forming communities centered around their favourite sports entities. Foniso offers real-time interactions, personalized experiences, and serves as a comprehensive hub for sports enthusiasts. With a global reach, our platform is redefining the way sports are experienced and celebrated, creating a vibrant and unique ecosystem for all.

Our inspiration

Amidst the noise of social media, sports - particularly football, often fades into the background, despite its vast impact and significance. Recognizing this, we've set out to carve a distinct space for sports enthusiasts. Our mission is to foster lively discussions, buzz, and real-time interactions between fans and their sports idols while providing a pathway for emerging talents to connect with professional leagues worldwide.

Our Team

At the heart of Foniso is our people, bound by a shared ambition to revolutionize global sports networking. Our diverse team spans the globe, boasting top-tier digital expertise dedicated to crafting applications for unparalleled engagements in the sports industry. We blend the DNA of Big Tech with a consumer- centric focus, cultivating a team of innovators, sports enthusiasts, and technologists.

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